VivDesigns is an artist gallery app featuring the comic strip “Little Do They Know” by Vivian Nguyen.
This whimsical strip offers a humorous glimpse at love & relationship challenges...via the precocious exchange between two innocent youngsters.

“Little Do They Know” started as a quirky blog posting, has since grown in readership, and can now be easily accessible – and viewable – from your iPhone or iPod Touch. A nice thing to have for those who like the comic strip and wouldn’t mind carrying it around :)

Browse through the current “Little Do They Know” collection panel-by-panel with a simple swipe of a finger, connect to the artist’s site, and peruse other portfolio pieces. Also, receive an automatic update each time a new work is posted to the app, and feel free to connect & get in touch with the artist.

You can download this app for free here: VivDesigns