College GPA - Step by Step HowTo

College GPA Calculator is a must for college students trying to predict their future GPA.  College GPA allows you to input anticipated grades for future terms, then performs the GPA calculation for you. Not sure what will happen to your GPA if you get a "C" in Organic Chemistry?  Plug in your best case and worst case grade scenarios and see what will happen!

In addition, the GPA calculator is a great tool for the student on probation or disqualification.  Need to know the minimum grades you must achieve to reach a 2.0 or higher?  Let the GPA calculator figure it out for you.

Once you enter the information into College GPA, it will be stored and saved for you, making modifications or changes to potential grades easy and convenient.

Launching College GPA app presents splash screen:

The main screen shows zero GPA on first run or after a reset. Tap the "Add" button to enter a new term.

Enter the description. Turn the switch to "On" for cumulative entries. Enter the cumulative units and grade points from previous terms. This is the quick way to get started. You can go back later and enter every course included in the cumulative GPA. Delete this entry should you want to enter the detailed course history.

Tap the Save button to return to the main screen.

Main screen shows cumulative GPA. Tap the "Add" button to enter a new term.

Enter the name of the new term. Leave the cumulative switch in the off position. Each course will be added at a later step. Tap the "Save" button to return to main screen.

Tap the term in the list to add course data.

Term data is empty, GPA shows zero. Tap the "Add" button to enter a new course.

Enter the Course Details: course name, course units and the letter grade. Tap the "Save" button to return to Term screen.

Term screen presents course data including units, letter grade, grade points, and GPA for the term. The course is in "use" indicated by the green "Yes".

Context sensitive Help screens provide detailed instructions.

Add additional courses to represent the term. Tap the "Back" button to return to the main screen.

College GPA calculates your overall GPA based on cumulative GPA and grade points with the anticipated term GPA and grade points.

Edit the "Course Details" data to adjust letter grades. Disable a course removing it from the calculated term GPA by turning the "Use in Calculation" switch to the "Off" position. Tap the "Save" button to return to the term screen.

Term screen calculates the new GPA. Any course with the "Use in Calculation" switch in the "Off" position is shown with a red "No" in the "Use" column. This is for courses that may not transfer to certain colleges. Tap the "Back" button to see new GPA.

Main screen shows re-calculated GPA. Tap the "Edit" button to delete a term or reset to defaults.

Tap the red "Deletion" button and confirm the term deletion by tapping the red "Delete" button. Tap the "Back" button to return to the main screen.

Tap the "Reset/Delete" button to delete ALL data. This cannot be undone. Tap the "Back" button to return to the main screen.

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